Social Responsibility

 Social Responsibility  Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility & The Environment

At Gulf Pumps our motto is ‘A Better Quality of Life’.

Gulf Pumps has actively worked in remote areas of the UAE, where water levels are known to go down each year and supply is scarce.

By drilling boreholes, many of which go down thousands of feet, and by installing submersible pumps, which facilitate the supply of safe and clean water, we have made efforts to improve the existing situation faced by the landowners and farmers who live and work in these remote areas.

Environmental concerns are of paramount importance to us. The world’s water and energy supplies are rapidly depleting, therefore, we believe in providing environmentally friendly, efficient pumping solutions, which have low consumption and operational costs. We have also taken into consideration, that supplying water and disposing of waste products has to be carried out without compromising on hygiene and safety.

This ethos is carried throughout to our manufacturing facility where we ensure that all suitable factory scrap is recycled and leftover waste, if any, is disposed of with minimal impact to the environment.