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At Gulf Pumps, a number of factors have influenced our choice of suppliers for the main components of our pumping systems and solutions. We have insisted on outstanding records of product reliability and durability, the highest standards of design and manufacturing and have actively sought suppliers who offer the greatest choice and most versatile products for challenging custom pump applications.

We are justifiably proud to have secured agreements from reputed pump manufacturers who have earned their respective reputations by their expertise and solid commitment to quality product manufacturing and innovation, backed up with years of research, development and testing to truly withstand the tests of time.

You can rest assured that Gulf Pumps will bring you the best in pumping
products and solutions on time, every time.

Product Range

Horizontal Split Case Pumps:

Split case range is a new generation axial split, in-line design, double entry pumps available for horizontal or vertical installation. High efficient, outstanding NPSH, maintenance free HSC ranges are used for high flow applications like District Cooling plant, HVAC, Pumping and power stations, Water supply network, marine applications as well as general applications in refineries. Cast Iron and Duplex Stainless Steel construction available. You can order special materials, with any of several options or choose a customized pump for your specific requirements.

Maximum flow: up to 12,000 usgpm
Total head : up to 170 m

Horizontal Multi Stage Pumps:

Horizontal or vertical multistage centrifugal pump in ring section design available as flexible/close coupled units. This will be used in pressure boosting system water transfer in high rise building, boiler feed, power plants etc where high pressure required.

Flow up to maximum 850 cum/hr
Head up to 630 m

Drainage Pumps:

Drainage pumps are available for automatic drainage of pits, yards and basement. Vertical, fully floodable submersible pumps with/without level control.

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